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Leadership Team

The Leadership Team (PCC)

Priest in Charge

Photo of Rev. Lerys CampbellRev. Lerys Campbell
01252 935120


Photo of Mr Tim EllisMr Tim Ellis
01252 409169
Photo of Mr Martin ClarkMr Martin Clark
0118 973 0098

PCC Members

Photo of Mr Clive BakerMr Clive Baker
01252 878269
Photo of Mrs Susan BrookerMrs Susan Brooker
0118 973 0157
Photo of Mrs Sharon ElliottMrs Sharon Elliott
07843 091950
Photo of Mrs Jeannie FordMrs Jeannie Ford
Photo of Mr Tony FordMr Tony FordPhoto of Mr Mick HibbleMr Mick Hibble
0118 973 4010
Photo of  Claire Kilby Claire Kilby
01252 877637
Photo of Mrs Ruth NicklessMrs Ruth Nickless
01252 876512
Photo of Mrs Beth QuaintonMrs Beth Quainton
0118 932 8922
Photo of Mrs Iris ScammellsMrs Iris Scammells
01252 873503
Photo of Mrs Angela SpencerMrs Angela Spencer
0118 973 7284
Photo of Dr Robin FelixDr Robin Felix
Deanery Synod Representative
01252 673376
Photo of Mr David ListerMr David Lister
Deanery Synod Representative