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Little Lights (0-5)

What is Little Lights?

Little Lights is a fun and informal service for pre-school children and their carers.

When and where does it take place?

It usually takes place in St Mary's Church on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, from 1.15pm. For the autumn term it will be on 1st Tuesday. The dates for services in the 2017-8 academic year are:

  • Tuesday, 19th September 2017
  • Tuesday, 17th October 2017
  • Tuesday, 21st November 2017
  • Tuesday, 19th December 2017
  • Tuesday, 16th January 2018
  • Tuesday, 20th February 2018
  • Tuesday, 20th March 2018
  • Tuesday, 17th April 2018
  • Tuesday, 15th May 2018
  • Tuesday, 19th June 2018
  • Tuesday, 17th July 2018

Join us from 1:15 pm in the Church for a short service - followed by refreshments in the Hall.

What is the format for the service?

The format is similar to a normal Church service, but a mini version, which is in a style appropriate for little ones. There are songs, a story / talk and prayers, all condensed into 30 minutes.

Photo taken at a Little Lights service

A typical Little Lights Service

Why have a service for 0-5 year olds?

Our aim is that the children (and indeed adults) become comfortable and familiar with Church, and that through simple messages everyone learns more about God and the Christian faith. We’d like to help parents start their children on their Christian journey, particularly those recently baptised, and this session is an opportunity for parents with young families and carers to be supported and support one another.


To find out more, please contact:

  • Amanda Clark

    0118 973 0098