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Youth Group

What is it?

St Mary's Youth Group is our group for secondary school age children, year 7 and above.

When does it meet?

We meet on the 4th Sunday of the month from 6 – 8pm, excluding school holidays. One family hosts each month, so we rotate round houses locally.

Who runs it?

The Youth Group is currently being co-ordinated by Rev. Lerys Campbell.

What is involved?

The group start by sharing a meal together (usually pizza!). Currently we are working through the Youth Alpha course, so we have a short DVD and discussion about an issue relating to our Christian faith. Then there is plenty of time to hang out, play games or enjoy an outside activity.

It is a great opportunity for kids to stay in touch if they go to different secondary schools and to have a safe place to ask questions and share thoughts on our faith and how it impacts how we live.

Is there a Youth service?

Youth @11:00am

On the 3rd Sunday of the month the Youth Group will meet during the 11:00am service at Church. Join us for hot chocolate, chat, Bible study and a short prayer activity.

We also have a contemporary service called Gratitude on the 1st Sunday of each month at 9.15 am, followed by breakfast. This is an ideal service for our Youth to attend and take part in.


To find out more, please contact:

  • Lerys Campbell

    01252 935120