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[Photo of Revd. Lerys Campbell]

Revd. Lerys Campbell

Monday, 17th June 2019

Revd. Lerys Campbell has had an accident requiring surgery to pin bones in his foot, and will be off sick for at least 6 weeks.

We expect this to be extended and have therefore made some temporary changes for the next 3 months to allow Lerys to phase back into ministry at his own pace.

Lerys has suggested, and the wardens have agreed, that in this exceptional situation the service pattern may be temporarily altered due to a lack of clergy to cover all commitments.

The most significant change you will notice is that the 3rd Sundays in July and August the 11am will be Morning Worship rather than Holy Communion. This approach has been endorsed by the diocese.

The best medical advice is that Lerys must rest and keep his foot elevated at all times to give it the best chance of a full and speedy recovery. Whilst Lerys is not enamoured by this advice he does need to follow it and so consequently it would be best if inquiries regarding day to day church business be routed through the existing channels of Rachel, Sylvia and the wardens as appropriate.

However, Lerys has more time than ever to pray for people so please do contact him via his email if you would like to speak with him, share news or be prayed for.

Please pray for Lerys, Kate and Seren.

Please also pray for Rachel with her extra workload and Graham who supports her.

St Mary's Churchwardens