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Rector's Musing

January, 2016

Who is the Master of Your Fate?

The story of Nelson Mandela is told in the film Invictus and if you haven’t seen it I recommend it!

The film is named after a poem and twice in the film Mandela quotes the final two lines of the poem saying,

  • I am the master of my fate,
  • I am the captain of my soul.

But what about if we are Christians, are we still the captain of our soul? Or is it that when I say 'Jesus is Lord' then I make Jesus the captain of my soul?

I believe that God gives us enormous freedom. Yes he does have a plan for our lives but just like when we follow a sat nav, we have the freedom to do what God asks of us or to go our own way. So I think we are still the captain of our souls and God is like an admiral, who knows where he would like us to be and what he would like us to be doing.

So this New Year, what would God like you to do with your life?

  • How are you going to show by your actions that you love your neighbour, the person who lives next door and over the road?
  • How is it that you are going to love yourself? It seems to me I don't do myself any favours when I sit in front of the TV. I am much more refreshed by a walk in the woods or by doing some gardening.
  • How will our actions show that we love God? It might be as simple as going to church each week.

'I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul' and God wants me to Co-Operate with him so that I am transformed and become an agent of transformation for those around me. Have a great New Year.

Yours sincerely

Mike Saunders