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Bell Ringers

Bell Ringers

We are a small team of Bell Ringers at St. Mary's Church, Eversley and would love more people to join us!

When are the bells rung?

There are 6 bells at St. Mary's Church which we ring on Sunday morning from 10.30 to 11.00am for the 11:00am service.

We also ring for weddings and other church services, and have a social outing to visit and ring at other towers once a year.

When is bell-ringing practice?

We meet on Wednesday evenings for our Practice Night from 8.00pm until 9.30pm. Practice nights are very informal – you come when you can and stay for as long as you want. A trip to the local pub to round off the evening is not uncommon!

[Ringers from St Mary's and St Peter's Yateley]

Bell Ringers from St Mary's Eversley and St Peter's Yateley who rang a quarter peel in honour of the Licensing of Rev'd Rachel Hartland

What happens at a typical practice night?

On a Practice Night absolute beginners learn how to handle a bell on their own under the close supervision of an experienced ringer. Those that can ring get a chance to ring their bell with others, and try their hand at ringing different methods where the bells swap places in a set order. These methods range from the very simple to the very difficult!

One of the great things about bell ringing is that you can progress as far as you want to. It is a brilliant way of keeping the brain working. With a bit of practice anyone from the age of 11 to 80 can learn to ring.

Interested in joining us?

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us using the form below.

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Please be assured that your email address will not be made public and that St Mary's will not share your email address with 3rd parties. Your details will be sent to only the Tower Captain who will contact you in due course.

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