Worship, Prayer, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals

Different styles of worship from the Book of Common Prayer to an All Age Service with Baptisms.

[Carol Service]

Worship and Prayer

Held on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sunday in the month, this is a quiet and reflective traditional BCP service which lasts approximately 30 minutes.

All Age

Held on the 1st Sunday in the month, this is a time of informal worship and prayer suitable for all Ages. This relaxed service is led by a worship band and is particularly suited to families with children. Readings and prayers may be led by families from our congregation. Baptisms will sometimes take place in this service.

[Rev'd Rachel Hartland involving children during a talk]
Rev'd Rachel Hartland involving children during a talk

Holy Communion

Held on the 2nd & 4th Sunday in the month, this service offers communion and is a mix of traditional and less traditional styles. The words are from Common Worship and much of the music is from Common Praise with more modern songs supplementing these. The vast majority of music is played on the organ with the piano being used where appropriate. Searchers (our junior church) is offered at this service.

Morning Worship

Held on the 3rd Sunday in the month, like the Holy Communion service, this is a mix of traditional and less traditional styles. The words are from Common Worship and much of the music is from Common Praise with more modern songs supplementing these. The vast majority of music is played on the organ with the piano being used where appropriate. Baptisms will sometimes take place.

Online Services

Some services are live and/or recorded, and are published on our YouTube Channel.

Recent Service Videos

There is always an opportunity to stay for tea and a chat after the 10:00am service.

Held on the 1st & 3rd Friday in the month, Friday Communion is a quiet and reflective service that takes place at 11:30am during term-time.

Some of the congregation stay on for Lunch Club which follows immediately after the service.

All are welcome!


Daily prayer at 10:00am is on Facebook on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Wednesdays you can join in-person at St Mary's.

The services use the Ffald-y-Brenin, Iona, or Common Worship form of Morning Prayer.

These prayer videos remain available for you to access later via on our YouTube Channel.

Recent Prayer Videos

In Church

On Wednesday, the church is open for private prayer from 10:30am until until noon.

Life Events

What is Baptism?

In the baptism service we thank God for his gift of life and publicly acknowledge his love. We acknowledge that we all need to turn away from the darkness of evil and to make a new start with God. The water is an outward, visible sign of the inward coming to God and the new life that follows. Baptism is also the ceremony in which a person becomes a member of the church. We are happy to baptise babies, children and adults.

[Rev'd Lerys Cambell performing a baptism]
Rev'd Lerys Cambell performing a baptism

Can we have a baptism at St Mary's?

Yes, if you live in the parish of Eversley and Bramshill.

If you live outside the parish then you need to either be a regular worshipper at St Mary's or have a specific connection with the parish or St Mary's. The connections we are looking for are:

  • A parent has at any time lived in the parish for more than six months
  • The parents were married at St Mary's
  • A parent or sibling was baptised at St Mary's church
  • A parent or sibling was prepared for confirmation at St Mary's church

If you have no connection with Eversley or St Mary's then the baptism should normally take place at the parish church where you live. You can find out where this is on the Church of England web-site.

When are Baptism Services held?

Baptisms are usually held during the 10:00am Service on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Please contact our Baptisms Administrator who will be pleased to talk you through the available dates.

What happens at the Baptism Service?

During the baptism service the child’s parents and godparents, or the adult being baptised, declare their decision to turn to Christ, to repent of their sins and to renounce evil. They then affirm their belief and trust in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Once the decision and affirmation have been made, the priest makes the sign of the cross on the forehead of the person being baptised and then baptises them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit by pouring water on their head.

At the end of the service the child or adult is given a lighted candle to remind them to shine like a light in the world to the glory of God the Father. We suggest that you light the candle on the anniversary of the baptism to remind you of the baptism promises you have made.

Do we need to start coming to church?

Yes. If you don't already come to St Mary's regularly then it is important that you start coming so that you can begin to learn more about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Christian faith. Baptism is about joining the church and so it's also important that we get to know you, and you us, so that we can support you on your journey of faith. We suggest that you come along either to our All Age Service or to one of our Holy Communion Services where you will be warmly welcomed.

Do we have to do Baptism preparation?

Yes. We ask that you come to at least one service before the baptism so that you can see what happens. One of our clergy will also need to visit you before the baptism to explain in more detail what baptism means.

Your journey of faith

We see baptism as the first step of a person’s journey of faith. To continue this journey, and so that we can support you, we ask that you come to church regularly, perhaps starting with the monthly All Age Service or Mini Church. Children aged 3-8 are able to join Searchers, our Junior Church, which is held during the morning service on the 2nd, & 4th Sundays during term time.

Who can get married at St Mary's?

You can marry in St Mary's Church if you can answer Yes to one of the following statements:

  • I was baptised in the parish
  • I prepared for confirmation in the parish
  • My parent or Grandparent was married in the parish
  • I have had my usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months
  • My parent has had their usual place of residence in the parish for at least 6 months during my lifetime
  • I have habitually attended public worship at the parish church for at least 6 months
  • My parent has habitually attended public worship at the parish church for at least 6 months during my lifetime

St Mary's and St Barnabas Darby Green share a vicar and are part of a united benefice. This means that if you live in St Mary's parish and would like to be married in St Barnabas church that is fine and vice versa.


Banns are an announcement and a legal requirement of your intention to marry and have to be read out on 3 Sundays prior to the wedding in the parishes where each of you lives.

The Banns are read at the 10:00am service in St Mary's and in St Barnabas Church.

If you live in St Mary's parish and are getting married elsewhere and need your Banns read, please contact our Weddings Administrator.

Marriage Preparation

We invite all couples who are being married during the year, to attend a marriage preparation session. This is an opportunity to discuss the Christian aspects of marriage and look at the Marriage Service. We strongly recommend you make every effort to attend as those who have done so in the past have found it very beneficial.


Most couples choose two or three hymns, as well as organ music to be played as the bride enters and as the couple leave the church.


We recommend you organise your own florist to arrange the floral decorations. We do ask and would be grateful if you would leave a pedestal arrangement for our Sunday Services.


We are happy for photographs to be taken once the service is over, at the signing of the Register and subsequently.

If you are planning to video the service, you will need to sign our Permission to Video form, which will cover the need for you to obtain a copyright licence.


A time and date for a rehearsal prior to the wedding will be made, at which the couple together with best man, bridesmaid, parents and a representative of the ushers is usually present. This will help to make you feel at ease on the day and for the service to run smoothly.

A funeral is used to mark the end of a person's life here on earth. Family and friends come together to express grief, give thanks for the life lived, and commend the person into God's keeping.

These can be from a small, quiet ceremony at the crematorium to a large occasion in a packed church.

Who can have a funeral at St Mary's?

Everyone is entitled to a funeral service in their local parish church by their local vicar regardless of whether they attended church or not.

Making Arrangements

Your first point of contact is with the funeral directors and they will help you with all of the arrangements.

Some people find planning the funeral with family and friends helps in their grieving. Perhaps you already know something of what your loved one wanted. You may even have planned the service together some time ago.

The Vicar who will lead the funeral service will meet with you to discuss it. They will help you choose suitable readings, hymns and prayers. If they did not know your loved one well, they will talk with you to build up a picture of the person's life.